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Important Considerations when choosing an Accessory

Did you know that the average life of a Cellular Battery is only about 350 cycles. That means that after 350 charges, your battery seriously deteriorates. That means more dropped calls, poor reception and wear on your phone. You should buy a new battery every year.

If your phone is less than 1 Year old, and is still under the Manufacturer Warranty, DO NOT purchase ECONOMY QUALITY Accessories. Purchase OEM Accessories instead.

If your phone is in good shape and out of Warranty or about to go out of Warranty - These Premium Quality accessories are your best value and will provide you with reliable service.

If you really don't care, your phone is old or you are broke - then purchase Economical accessories. Economy Quality items are typically imported items which usually come with a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty... These items are decent quality and have been designed to do the job at the lowest price.

Economy Quality are typically Asian Imports, quality enough to get the job done, very low priced. We do our best to filter out as much of the "JUNK" and only try to sell dependable, low cost accessories. If your phone is less than 1 Year old, and is still under the Manufacturer Warranty, DO NOT purchase ECONOMY QUALITY Accessories. They will void your phone warranty. Purchase OEM Accessories instead.

Premium Quality items are the highest quality, aftermarket accessories made. These Accessories are built to meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specifications. Premium Quality Accessories typically cost a bit more than ECONOMY but can be identified by a 3 year Warranty, Sometimes a Lifetime Warranty and a Premium Quality Designation. If your looking for the Best, only purchase Premium Quality items.

OEM Quality items are built by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is original equipment... high quality but typically comes only with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. These are accessories made by the same manufacturer who made your wireless device. These are the same exact accessories that appear on Motorola, Nokia and other Cellular Manufacturer Stores and Websites. However, ours are still cheaper! The primary benefit is that they are typically excellent quality and DO NOT VOID your manufacturer warranty..